Geek-Centered Therapy: Psychotherapy in Belltown and Fremont

60% of positive therapeutic outcomes are attributed to the quality of the alliance between client and therapist. I get geeks.

About Me

How I Practice

My experience is with couples, individuals and families. 

I see a lot of folks in tech and other intellectual pursuits who are suffering from a loss of joy in work and everyday life. The demand for this type of Psychotherapy in Belltown appears to be high. I also work with  those who have a chronic worry about things that affect work and school. 

Sometimes life has thrown terrible things at us and we just need a safe space with a little kindness and someone who gets us.  I would be honored to help you like that.

We work on an agenda together at each session in order to get more value and progress at each meeting.

What is Geek-Centered?

While I work with lots of different people, I have a focus on geeks as a "special population" in the same way some therapists might specialize in treating people from parts of Asia or people who are LGBTQ.

While this is a very new specialization, my experience has shown that there are a number of experiences in common to geeks such as social marginalization, loneliness, and problems feeling competent outside of their niche interests.

Using quests as an organizing principle to undo negative thoughts and enhance creativity in problem solving is dear to my heart and sometimes deeply satisfying for my clients.

Sometimes gamification is appropriate if the client plays a lot of board games or video games.  

You Are Not Alone

Asking for help is so hard sometimes.  You may have tears you've never dared to cry.  Feelings you've never shared may show up. Loss that threatens to break your resolve may be draining the goodwill of your friends. This is what I'm here for.  



Depression and Anhedonia

Depression isn't always how it's portrayed in popular culture. Yes, people do feel like it's hopeless and hard to get up in the morning. It may seem like life is lonely and awful.  It can also be a perpetual feeling of gray. This feeling of gray is like an inability to experience joy or pleasure.  I see this one happen a lot.

Trauma & Hope

My goal is to help you heal from whatever is bothering you. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes tears come suddenly and the feelings are released. The only way out is through and I'm an experienced guide. 

I can hold on to hope when the path seems bleak. We can find the way out together.


Sometimes we can feel so far apart.  

Sorting through the chaos of relationships can be so disheartening. Sexuality can be wonderful and sometimes wounding. Multiple relationships or adding kink can add challenges, too. There are so many opinions out there and a fair amount of misconceptions.  I'll help you figure out what is going on and endeavor to get you back to the good stuff. I am partial to Emotion-Focused Therapy and am heavily influenced by the work of John and Julie Gottman. 

I believe good work happens when we use evidence-based practices and build a solid working relationship.       

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